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We Can Fix The Problem

We Can Fix The Problem of greenhouse gas emissions but first we have to fix the U.S. Congress so it can make the difficult decisions needed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. We can make Congress work by taking away the influence of money on our Representatives. And that is way easier than you think. Just...

February 24, 2015November 14, 2019 in Blog

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The title says it all, provided you know the story. If you don’t it goes like this. The emperor was fooled into buying a suit of clothes that were invisible. Obviously when he wore invisible clothes he appeared naked. Unfortunately he was constantly surrounded by his loyal subjects, all of which were afraid to be...


The Time For Talk Is Over

Memo’s Don’t Work, Committees Don’t Work, We Need A Grassroots Program Who started the Russian Revolution? It wasn’t the Czar and it wasn’t the Government. It was the people; the Bolshevists. They changed Russia forever. Who started the movement to decrease cigarettes use? It wasn’t the US Government and it wasn’t corporations. It was the people of Alabama who sued...


Congress Can’t Help; Corporations Won’t

Thankfully the mood of this country seems to be changing. Some people are getting a little nervous, and rightfully so. I still think we need to do more and we need to move faster. I know it is difficult to react to something when it is not slapping you in the face every day, but...


One Answer to Climate Change

We are unlikely to stop climate change at this point based on the very simple observation that both ice caps, and virtually every glacier on earth, are melting and decreasing in size. Furthermore, the tundra has warmed sufficiently to begin to release methane. The more ice that melts in the Arctic, the more sea that is uncovered....


Does Global Warming Stir Up More Violent Storms?

In the wake of Gustav, three more tropical storms are lining up to pummel U.S. coasts. The increased frequency of hurricanes and tropical storms this season has stirred up the debate about whether global warming causes violent weather. Many scientists and climatologists believe that global warming is not only creating more storms, but more destructive...

September 3, 2008November 14, 2019 in Blog

Jerry Brown’s Plan to Increase Energy Efficiency

Like many of us, California Attorney General Jerry Brown is concerned about the world’s energy appetite and its repercussions for the environment (see our Aug. 20 post). Brown is one of several national leaders invited by “The Wall Street Journal” to share his ideas on how to allocate dwindling resources to solve the world’s problems....

August 22, 2008November 14, 2019 in Blog

How Would You Use U.S. Resources to Save the World?

On its opinion page “The Wall Street Journal” has sparked debate among top political and business leaders on how to allocate our diminishing resources to solve the world’s growing problems. Their challenge: “How would you spend $10 billion of American resources (either directly or through regulation) over the next four years to help improve the state...

August 20, 2008November 14, 2019 in Blog

Congress Girding for Oil Fight

Congress is girding for an oil fight that could shut down the federal government. Republicans are tired of being stonewalled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and are planning to go on the attack when Congress reconvenes on September 8. At stake is the vote on domestic oil drilling that would allow offshore drilling in American...

August 18, 2008November 14, 2019 in Blog

Are Possible Water Wars Just Overblown Hype?

Are dire predictions of future water wars just overwrought environmentalists fanning the flames of fear? You be the judge. By 2025, the United Nations estimates that two-thirds of the world’s population will live where water is scare. Unsafe drinking water kills more than 2 million people each year. This year, drought across swaths of Africa created waves...

August 15, 2008November 14, 2019 in Blog