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Climate change is far worse than we’ve been led to believe. The following ten facts explain the problem in a manner that is different than the more conventional view, and more disturbing.

  1. We have the exact same number of carbon molecules on earth today as we did when the earth was first formed; all that has changed is the location.
  2. Carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere traps long-wave thermal radiation; oxygen, nitrogen and argon do not. Thermal radiation is what warms the earth and drives the weather. More carbon, more thermal energy. More thermal energy, more extreme weather.
  3. Carbon that is taken out of the earth in the form of fossil fuels, and put back in the atmosphere as CO2, is now back in the carbon cycle, forever. It will never again go back in the earth as fossil fuels. It will continue to increase the earth’s temperature, forever.
  4. The only reason we have heartland classics a civilization today is because of agriculture. Without agriculture we would still be hunter-gathers. We have agriculture because the climate calmed down, weather became predictable, and we settled in one place to grow food.
  5. The climate calmed down because there was just enough carbon in the atmosphere to keep the earth warm and comfortable (56° F) but not too much carbon so that the weather would become extreme and unpredictable. This is the perfect Carbon Ratio.
  6. The Carbon Ratio is not the same as the carbon cycle. It is the ratio of carbon in the atmosphere as CO2, compared to carbon in the earth as fossil fuels. We have civilization because, prior to the industrial revolution, the Carbon Ratio was perfect for agriculture.
  7. It doesn’t matter how fast we put the carbon back in the atmosphere. When we burn fossil fuels we disrupt the Carbon Ratio, forever. Once this happens, there is no way to reverse it. Once we stop burning fossil fuels the earth will continue to warm for decades.
  8. The full impact of climate change is currently being disguised by natural factors, e.g., it takes decades for CO2 to raise into the troposphere where it traps the maximum heat, oceans are absorbing 97% of the excess heat, melting ice takes time, plus many others.
  9. Climate change cannot be reversed, stopping it will require a global effort. Slowing it will be challenging because of the self-reinforcing positive feed-back loops; things like melting ice, thawing tundra, thawing methane hydrates and changing ocean currents.
  10. These natural aspects of climate change disguise its full impact, and guarantee it will continue for many decades to come. But these same factors also allow our civilization to continue today, much as it has in the past, as if nothing untoward was happening. This is a slowly unfolding tragedy beyond any dimension humans have experienced before

As shown in the Power Point Slide below, people who focus on the Symptoms of climate change, instead of the Cause, are more likely to come up with the wrong diagnosis of the problem. The last line on this Slide clearly states the severity of the problem.

No problem can be adequately addressed until it is properly identified. To date, climate change has not been properly identified.

The relationship between carbon in the atmosphere in the form of CO2, and carbon taken out of the atmosphere, and sequester in the earth in the form of fossil fuels, is called the Carbon Ratio. The climate is changing because the Carbon Ratio has been disrupted. To fully understand the Carbon Ratio it is necessary to keep three undeniable facts in mind.

  1. The number of carbon molecules on, in and around the earth, is exactly the same today as when the earth was first formed. All that has changed is their location. It is the location of the carbon that determines the earth’s temperature.
  2. It is the “C” in CO2, carbon dioxide, and the “C” in CH4, methane, that warms the earth. Oxygen, nitrogen and argon do not trap the long-wave thermal radiation. Carbon does.
  3. When all the carbon that is available to be in the atmosphere, is in the atmosphere, the earth can only reach a certain temperature – and no higher. It can’t go higher because that is all the carbon that’s available to trap the heat. Venus has much more carbon than the earth and, consequently, it is many times hotter. Mars has much less carbon and it is much colder. It is the quantity, and location, of carbon that is responsible for our planet’s temperature.

Of all the variables that impact the earth’s temperature, disturbing the Carbon Ratio is the only one mankind has any control over.

  1. Carbon taken out of the atmosphere as CO2, and sequestered in the earth as fossil fuels, reduces the carbon in the carbon cycle, and thus permanently cools the planet.
  2. Carbon taken out of the earth as fossil fuels, and put back in the atmosphere as CO2 increases the carbon in the carbon cycle and thus permanently warms the earth.

The Slide below shows the earth in three different periods. In each of these periods the amount of carbon on earth was exactly the same. The circle to the left shows the earth when there was too much carbon in the atmosphere and the earth was too hot for life; in the center circle there is not enough carbon in the atmosphere and it was too cold for life. The circle on the right shows the earth today when the Carbon Ratio is just right for agriculture and for life.

The relationship of carbon, the carbon cycle, climate change and sustainability, is complicated by the perennial variations in at least three areas; the wobble of the earth’s axis relative to the sun, the shape of the earth’s orbit around the sun, and the random behavior of volcanoes. But mankind has no influence or control over these variables. All we can control is the Carbon Ratio.


If we are the most sapient animal on earth, it is time for us to act like it.

The free energy available in fossil fuels has built the world around us. But we must now face the fact that fossil fuels are finite and their continued use will further disrupt the Carbon Ratio needed for agriculture and this civilization.

The Earth Ship Program is an extremely cost-effective way to tell the world the truth about climate change. The ESP is based on many large sailing ships. It will operate day in and day out, year after year, in various ports all around the world.

We will use wind power to deliver our message. We will not travel around in limos and private jets as some climate change advocates do. As you can see from this link, university students will play a major role in the ESP https://earth-ship.com/earth-ship-program/

This is obviously an expensive program but fortunately Earth Ship Limited, Inc. has designed an innovative business model that will allow corporations to pay for everything by investing money, instead of donating it, and making a significant profit in the process (documentation is available) https://earth-ship.com/corporate-sponsorship/

This is who I am and what I have done thus far: https://earth-ship.com/founder-dc-anderson/. There is also a four minute video on this page that summarizes the problem, and the consequences of continued inaction. This video explains the ESP and one of the reasons corporations have agreed to sponsor it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY8OFebGZs8