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The Emperor Has No Clothes

The title says it all, provided you know the story. If you don’t it goes like this. The emperor was fooled into buying a suit of clothes that were invisible. Obviously when he wore invisible clothes he appeared naked. Unfortunately he was constantly surrounded by his loyal subjects, all of which were afraid to be the first to say what they actually saw, so the Emperor went about his daily chores completely naked. One day while riding down the street in an open carriage the Emperor passed a little boy standing by the side of the road. The little boy saw the naked Emperor and said, “Mommy, why is the Emperor naked?” And then suddenly all the people standing within ear shot of the little boy began to scream and shout, “The Emperor is naked, the Emperor is naked.” Well that is what has been happening with the state of our planet. And therefore I must be the little boy standing by the side of the road because it seems I am one of the first to publicly say we can NOT stop climate change at this point. Why? Because the half life of carbon is 100 years and there is already enough carbon in the air to melt both ice caps and virtually every glacier on the planet. And the more ice that melts the warmer the planet gets, and the warmer the planet gets, ya da, ya da, ya da. Does that mean we should stop trying? Hell no. This means we need to redouble our efforts today and put the brakes on the decimation of our civilization. This is exactly why we need a people to people program like PLANET EARTH SHIPwww.earth-ship.com. Join the movement to stop the madness.