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The Time For Talk Is Over

Memo’s Don’t Work, Committees Don’t Work, We Need A Grassroots Program

Who started the Russian Revolution? It wasn’t the Czar and it wasn’t the Government. It was the people; the Bolshevists. They changed Russia forever. Who started the movement to decrease cigarettes use? It wasn’t the US Government and it wasn’t corporations. It was the people of Alabama who sued the tobacco companies and won. Smoking has been on the decline ever since. And who stopped the Vietnam War? It wasn’t the US Government; they couldn’t figure out how to win the war and they didn’t want to lose it. It was 700,000 angry and unhappy students marching on the Mall in Washington DC. Students started the movement that stopped the Vietnam War. Make no mistake about that. Furthermore, in the view of this author, students today can start a movement to promote sustainability. So why not go to our web site and join the movement. We will keep you posted about rallies that will be staged all over the country. Let’s start the movement to stop the madness.