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The Earth Ship Program Is Different

The Earth Ship Program is a highly cost-effective way to use corporate money in order to tell the public the truth about the Carbon Ratio and climate change.

There are any number of environmental awareness programs in the world today. Each one is doing their best to improve the human condition in some way. Unfortunately, they are all focused on the Symptoms of climate change, and not the Cause of climate change.

This means that every other environmental awareness program on earth is inadvertently making the problem worse by lulling the public into believing that climate change is a major inconvenience, but still manageable. According to the facts surrounding the Carbon Ratio, nothing could be further from the truth. It is time our world woke up to this fact.

The Earth Ship Program is different from all the others for three reasons:


First and foremost, the Earth Ship Program will tell the public the stark truth about the Carbon Ratio, the Carbon Delay and climate change. This is something the public is not hearing from our leaders today. No problem can be effectively addressed until it is correctly identified. Climate change has not been correctly identified!


The Earth Ship Program will use sailing vessels as a platform from which to deliver its message. Eventually there will be many vessels positioned all over the world. We will talk the talk, and walk the walk. We will travel from port to port, and country to country, day in and day out, year after year. Earth Ship Limited, Inc. has extensive experience using wind power on ships.


The Earth Ship Program is expensive but, because of this new and innovative business model, corporations will gladly underwrite everything. In return for their support they will enjoy benefits far in excess of their contribution. The first two corporations that sponsor the first two Earth Ships, one on the US East Coast, one on the West Coast, will be able to do so for no net expense.

The Earth Ship Program Explained

earth ship one

The Earth Ship Program is based on large sailing ships. Each of the Earth Ships will travel around the world – from port to port and country to country – day in and day out, year after year. In each port the public will be told the absolute truth about the Carbon Ratio and climate change. Each ship will use live video conferencing to connect the world. Universities, environmental organizations, business leaders, government officials, corporations and like-minded people from around the world will be able to share their concerns and suggest solutions. At the same time the Earth Ship Program will be increasing world unity by focusing the world’s attention on the one issue common to us all, climate change. In the fractious world we live in today, increased world unity will have a myriad of benefits.

The mission of the Earth Ship Program is to tell the world the stark truth about climate change and the Carbon Ratio. People can accomplish almost anything when they are united for a common cause.

This will create a unifying influence in an increasingly volatile world. As Gandhi concluded, “If the people will lead, the leaders will follow”.

earth ship program

Each black dot represents a sailing ship: Earth Ship One, Earth Ship Two, Earth Ship Three and so on. The black lines represent the connectivity provided by Live Video Conferencing.