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The Impact of Climate Change

Why are extreme weather events lagging behind CO2 emissions?
  1. It takes decades for CO2 to reach the mid-Troposphere where it begins to trap heat.
  2. 97% of the increased heat created in the atmosphere goes into the oceans.
  3. Ice melts slowly (It takes 72 calories to melt 1 gram of ice).
  4. The ocean’s thermohaline currents are slowing down.
  5. The increasing tilt of earth’s axis relative to the Sun should be cooling the planet.

Facts Amout Climate Change The Public Is Not Being Told

FACT 1: Climate change cannot be stopped, or reversed. It will continue to get worse year after year for the balance of human history; here’s why,

There are many reasons for this (see below). One reason is the fact that photosynthesis takes carbon out of the atmosphere at the rate of .01 ppm (part per million) per year, while mankind is putting carbon back in the atmosphere 200 times faster or about 2 ppm per year.

FACT 2: The carbon that is released into the atmosphere will never again become fossil fuels.

Once fossil fuels are combusted the carbon returns to the carbon cycle – forever. Putting CO2 in the atmosphere is like filling a glass with water. It doesn’t matter how far the tap is open, eventually the glass will fill with water, overflow, and make a mess.  And there is no way to pour the water back into the faucet, not is there any way to convert CO2 back into fossil fuels.

FACT 3:  The earth’s rising temperature has already caused a number of self-reinforcing positive feed-back loops to begin.

These feed-back loops include melting ice, thawing tundra, warming oceans, slowing thermohaline currents, among others. Each of these events will accelerate climate change. There is no way to shutoff a self-reinforcing positive feed-back loop once it has begun.

FACT 4: There are no alternative sources of energy. Period.

There are only supplemental energy sources. That’s because all other energy sources, like nuclear plants, hydroelectric dams, windmills and solar panels, are all derived from, and maintained by, fossil fuels. Unless fossil fuels are used, there can be no other energy source. And yet mankind continues to blithely burn fossil fuels “As if there was no tomorrow.”

FACT 5: Expressions about being sustainable, or carbon neutral, or reducing your carbon footprint to “fight climate change” are all false statements.

These are only euphemistic expressions to make us feel better while we continue to burn fossil fuels. They are false because it is not possible to put even one molecule of carbon back in the atmosphere and still claim any degree of sustainability (Ref: The Carbon Ratio).

FACT 6: The public is not being told the truth about the Carbon Ratio and climate change.

That’s because our leaders, in government and industry, have no incentive to tell the public bad news. As a result the public continues to march down the Primrose Path rather than facing the facts and making a meaningful effort to stop putting CO2 back in the atmosphere.

CONCLUSION: The sole purpose of the Earth Ship Program is to tell the world the stark truth about the Carbon Ratio and how it impacts climate change.