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Mission Statement

The Earth Ship Program is unlike anything that has come before. It is the most cost-effective way to confront climate change.

This is a marine based program that uses live video conferencing to connect the world’s people. The Earth Ship Program will operate day in and day out, year after year, all around the world. The innovative business model will allow corporate donors to enjoy both corporate and financial benefit far in excess of the initial capital expense. There has never been a social movement quite like this, one that allowed donors to make a profit. The Earth Ship Program is the first of its kind.

Climate change is the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.

It is global in scope, unstoppable, irreversible and lethal. To make matters worse, the problem is not being accurately described to the public.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Earth Ship Program is to tell the widest audience possible that our leaders – in government, industry and academia – have been presenting climate change to the public in entirely the wrong way. This misrepresentation of the science has lulled the public into believing that climate change will be an inconvenience to a greater or lesser extent, but it will be manageable. This fallacious line of reasoning will eventually have tragic consequences for our civilization and even our species. In the near term this behavior will also have social, ethical, and even legal implications for any corporation that continues this specious line of reasoning.

The Earth Ship Program is a highly cost effective way to tell the wider world the truth about climate change and the Carbon Ratio . It will operate day in and day out, year after year, all around the world. Corporations that help sponsor the Earth Ship Program will make a substantial corporate and financial profit in the process.