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Climate Change Made Easy to Understand

And Considerably More Disturbing


Civilizations cannot exist without agriculture & agriculture cannot exist unless the earth’s climate is stable and predictable.

Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is what drives the weather. Thermal energy in the atmosphere is created from carbon in the CO2 molecule. The more carbon, the more thermal energy. The more thermal energy in the atmosphere, the more extreme the weather patterns will be. Extreme and unpredictable makes agriculture more difficult, if not impossible.

Carbon Cycle

When carbon is removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis, and converted to fossil fuels, it is now out of the carbon cycle forever. This causes less thermal energy in the atmosphere. Less thermal energy means the earth’s climate becomes stable and more predictable. Agriculture and our civilization can now evolve.

The Carbon Ratio

Carbon Ratio

The amount of carbon in the atmosphere in the form of CO2 , versus the amount of carbon in the earth in the form of fossil fuels, is referred to as the Carbon Ratio. Disrupt the Carbon Ratio sufficiently and agriculture and civilization cannot continue.