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Congress Can’t Help; Corporations Won’t

Thankfully the mood of this country seems to be changing. Some people are getting a little nervous, and rightfully so. I still think we need to do more and we need to move faster. I know it is difficult to react to something when it is not slapping you in the face every day, but the ultimate consequences of climate change so severe that they are to contemplate. So why take the chance. Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote a piece on Sunday 11 April that explained while the new green economy will not be completely painless, it is clearly the only viable alternative we have at this point. While I think Mr. Krugman is right in his assessment, I still think we need a Vietnam War-era type of movement. Young people need to wake up to the problems they face. They have the most to lose so they are the ones who should do something. Now, not later.