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Global warming is not the problem, at least not the only problem. If warming was all we had to worry about then we might be able to accommodate the change. It’s what the rapid warming of our planet will do to everything else that’s the problem. Here are some examples of why you should, as Time Magazine’s cover story announced, “Be worried. Be very worried.” A warmer planet means . . .

  •  The hydrological cycles are changing resulting in more droughts (less food) more heat waves (more forest fires)
  • Both the northern and southern ice caps are melting. More melting, more sun, mores sun, more heat, more heat more ice melt. There is no mechanism in place at this time to change this process.
  • More ice melt will result in a decrease in the oceans currents. This means more heat in some places, less in others. Plants an animals that can’t adjust will die. Less food, less biodiversity
  • More heat, more frequent and more severe storms.

If this was an infomercial advertising a worsening world I would say, “But wait, there’s more,” . . . .

  • Population, populaton, population. Many scientists believe the carrying capacity of this planet is about 2 billion people, approximately the population of the earth in 1950.
  • The earth’s population today is about 6.7 billion and we add about 75 million more people every year.
  • “Water water everywhere,” but there ain’t enough. According to the former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, the next war will be fought over water, not oil.
  • Every major aquifer in the world is dropping. The level of aquifers should never decrease faster then they can be refilled, but they are.

According to Jared Diamond, author of the book with the cheery title, “Collapse,” there are about 11 threats to the continuation of our civilization. “Hello, are you listening?” There are about 11 threats to the continuation of our civilization. You can address any one of them, or up to 10 of them, but if you don’t cure all 11, we’re toast. That’s the message for today.The answer for today is the same as it was yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that: Mankind must take his/her head out from under his/her collective wing. We need to come to grips with the fact that we have created an economic monster that can not continue along the current path.That is simple enough to understand and few would disagree with this assertion entirely. But at least there is an answer. However, it is slightly more complex then just removing ones head from beneath a wing. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.