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One Answer to Climate Change

We are unlikely to stop climate change at this point based on the very simple observation that both ice caps, and virtually every glacier on earth, are melting and decreasing in size. Furthermore, the tundra has warmed sufficiently to begin to release methane. The more ice that melts in the Arctic, the more sea that is uncovered. The more sea that is uncovered, the more the oceans warms and the faster the remaining ice melts, anon. Same for the methane; the more that is released the warmer the atmosphere becomes and the warmer the atmosphere becomes, ya da ya da ya da. So if we parked every car on earth, and shut off every fossil fuel burning generating plant on earth TODAY, the earth would continue to warm for many decades since the half-life of the carbon in CO2, I’m told, is about 100 years. This tells me we need another strategy to combat climate change; something besides improving the MPG for SUVs.